About Peritus Coffee 

Peritus Coffee Roasters was founded in Fort Collins from a deep-rooted love of home roasting and a lifetime of conscious sourcing. After nearly a decade of home-roasting, we knew we had to share our love of craft coffee with others to bring you a delightful cup of coffee each and every day.

We love to celebrate the nuances of each region we source from, celebrate the methods used for farming and processing there, and, even more, thank the farmers who grew the beautiful beans through proper and fair sourcing methods and, of course, roasting the beans to highlight the beautiful features they bring to the table.

What does “peritus” mean? In Latin, it  is defined as skillful and practicedthe skill and practice to bring you an excellent cup goes through many hands from the farmer, to the processor, distributor, roaster and coffee preparerwe celebrate all those clever hands!

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Head Coffee Roaster Quinn Schultz

Quinn Schultz- Head Roaster

My current career has allowed us to travel and live across the US and

internationally.  Typically one of my first tasks is to find the best local
coffee shops and roasters.  The one thing I consistently find is
inconsistent cups.  I experienced the same with roasted coffees I would buy
locally or over the internet.  I knew there must be a way to get higher
precision and quality, so I began my journey in craft coffee.  I started
home roasting in 2007 in search of that perfect cup, higher quality and
consistency.  I have learned so much these past years and learn something
new about coffee every day.  What an amazing journey from the coffee plant
to the cup!  So many individuals are involved and have impacts on this
beautiful and complex cup we so much enjoy.

In late 2013 and early 2014 we starting toying with the idea of creating a
coffee roasting business.  After attending an all-day Roasting Introduction
workshop in coffee-mecca Portland, the roasting flame was further fueled.
This led to beginning to explore roasting equipment manufacturers.  We were
able to visit the San Franciscan Roaster facilities in Nevada which sealed
the deal.  We put in an order for one of these beautiful 100% U.S. made
machines in July 2014.

To help transition from a home roaster to a small
production roaster, I attended an emersion Boot Camp week at the Boot Coffee School.
Willem Boot is a world renowned specialty coffee expert and author.  I
learned so much in that week from Willem and Jodi Dowel Wieser, Boot’s lead
instructor.  I will be continuing my coffee education and growth through
Boot and the Roasters Guild(RG) – a trade guild for roasters of the Specialty
Coffee Association of America – where I have completed the comprehensive
curriculum and testing for RG certification level 1 & 2.

I am also excited to be passing on my learnings to my wife Lisa and daughter Whitney as they grow in the craft.
We are dedicated to the craft of roasting quality coffee and sharing with
customers the wonderful journey of seed to cup.

Peritus Coffee Operations Lisa Schultz

Lisa Schultz- Operations

My relationship with coffee began with early childhood memories of the smell of my house and watching my parents ritualistically sit down at the table together and drink a steaming cup. Fast forward to today, my career outside of coffee is focused on supply chain…because of that I appreciate the incredible complexity of the supply chain for the delicate coffee bean. In order to drink a delicious cup of coffee, there must be success at every step of the process from growing the beans through preparation with your favorite brew method.

In the past, I had to drink my coffee with milk and sugar. As the quality of coffee I drank increased with Quinn and my increased interest in coffee and then roasting, the more I learned to appreciate the bean itself on it’s own, without milk or sugar. It’s a beautiful bean thing 🙂


Peritus Coffee Sales Whitney Schultz
Peritus Coffee Sales Whitney Schultz

Whitney (Schultz) Allison- Business Development & Coffee Slinger

One of my first vivid coffee experiences is when my family lived in Italy when I was eleven and watching my parents order macchiatos at the local cafe.  Ritualistic, air full of cigarette smoke, strong espresso, and no clue what anyone is saying around me. Fast forward to today, and my morning coffee is a shared moment with a loved one or a moment taken alone to set the tone for the day.

My favorite aspect about coffee is that although a commodity, it is so complex. There are so many variables such as region, variety of tree, processing methods, and roasting that can result in entirely different experiences for that morning cup of coffee…a blueberry-tasting Ethiopea or a chocolaty Guatamala or a rich, earth Sumatra.  Each coffee takes you around the world and you can taste the care that was put into the bean each step of the way…at Peritus Coffee we celebrate that.

My role here is changing. Currently it focuses on business development and marketing but will be expanding into roasting in 2017. We feel that coffee education is both exciting and important: education on what farms the beans come from, characteristics of different regions, optimal brewing methods for different coffee brewing gear, and so on in between. Starting in 2017, my role will include apprenticing on the roaster so I, too, can create delicious coffee experiences that delight the senses and share that with friends, family, and strangers alike.